Zesty Spot marks the first big step!

Drop off your child for hours of fun, art, music, stories, group activities and playtime with new friends! Our daily schedule incorporates a variety of developmentally enriching activities including: Music, art, dramatic play, and creative movement classes, educational trips & festive celebrations to stimulate creativity in your child with a fun, learning environment....more

Zesty Spot has an encouraging, stimulating and non-threatening environment where your toddler can have fun and play to the fullest with the assistance of experienced, dedicated and loving instructors.

Our enrichment programme serves as a great introduction into more structured enrichment activities, while fostering independence and nurturing your child's confidence. Your child's potential will be reached through meaningful play and lots of fun!


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Zesty Spot consistently received compliments from parents of our students, here are some of their sharings...more


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