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Dearest Teachers,
We deeply appreciate you all for doing such a great job in helping Joylynn enjoy going to school. You’ve put in so much effort to make learning so fun that she just can’t wait going to Zesty Spot! Joy has told us countless times, "I want to go to Zesty Spot School!" We know she's in good hands in Zesty Spot.

Benson & Josephine



Dear teachers,

Thank you so much for your hardwork, creativity, patience, enthusiasm, understanding, kindness, good mood & smiles.

You have started both Alma & Adele off very well.  They have leaned a lot, but more importantly they really enjoyed coming to school. Thank you again & all the best for the future.

From: Fanny & Tim



To: All of the wonderful teachers of ZESTY SPOT,

Thank you very much for the fine years of excellent care, learning and fun! Both Bailey and Yohannes loved coming here and it was a joy watching them thrive and glow under Zesty’s fantastic care!

Love and Hugs,

Madalyn & Paul



 Dear Emily & Teachers @ Zesty Spot,

Thank you for showering your dedication, effort, love, care and concern on Keegan.  He loves this school and loves learning...all because of this wonderful group of teachers.  Thank you once again, and we're looking forward to seeing all of you during the holidays.





To: The lovely Teachers at Zesty Spot,

Thank you so much for your kindness, gentleness, patience and encouragement you have shown to JJ. Thank you too for your regular feedback on JJ’s progress.  You make the school very special.

Marisa & JJ



Both our daugthers attended Zesty Spot from 2008 to 2012 and still talk about their positive experience there.

We chose Zesty Spot as it reminded us of some nurseries back in our home country, the UK. It has a good mix of local and expact children.

It is fun and creative place, full of energy with lots of interesting activities going on.  We were always blown away by the marvellous arts and crafts brought home by our daughters. Gym time, Madarin lessons and our youngest even atteded extra Mandarin classes twice a week with the teachers.

Our daughters became socially confident over time and were taught good manners, patient and respect.

The staff are extremely professional and caring and are committed to every child's well being and needs.  The personable way the staff dealt with us was reassuring and we had complete confidence in them.

We have nothing but positive words to say about Zesty Spot and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a nurturing and exciting preschool. 

K&N Stark



Dear Emily,

Our son, Jason Ramchandran, spent his last day at Zesty Spot on 15 August 2012.  We were so sorry to leave the school as Jaison had had an incredibly rewarding time there.....not only academically, but emotionally and socially, as well.   We wanted to thank you for providing such an enriching educational experience for him during highly formative years in his development.

When Jaison started in the Adventurous Tots programme in November 2009 at age of 2, he was quite shy and wary about attending preschool.  Within weeks, however, he had settled extremely well and never once wanted to miss school.  With your guidance, he advanced smoothly t the Creative Kids programme a year later, at age 3, where he continuedto learn, develp, and form positive relationships with both his classmates and his teachers.  Jaison thoroughly enjoyed all of the numeracy and literacy lessons, as well as Mandarin tuition, art and music activities, playtime, and field trips.

Within the nurturing environment at Zesty Spot, Jaison blossomed from a reserved little boy into a much more confident one.  He was willing to try new activities, and he was quite proud of his achievements .  He did not have seperation anxiety and always looking forward to going to school.  We so greatly apprecate the warmth, caring, and support that you and all the teachers showed to Jaison and the other children on a daily basis.

Jaison now attends Dover Court Preparatory school.  He is reception and is doing extremely well.  His teachers has commended Jaison on his maths and reading skills as well as on his ability to get along so well with others and share/contribute to the class as a whole.  We firmly believe that these traits can be attributed in large part to the nearly three years' time he spent at Zesty Spot. Please accept our sincerest gratitude for giving Jaison a wonderful, rewarding preschool experience.

Warmest regards

Eileen & Ganesh Ramchandran



From 2010 to 2016, each of our three children when aged from eighteen months to four years old, attended Zesty Spot daily.  We were immediately impressed by the capability and kindness of Emily and her teachers, and over the time got to appreciate the wonderful and enriching experiences they were providing our children.  These of course included the games played, stories read, numbers counted, songs sung, dances done, pictures painted, models made, field trip enjoyed, as well as the development of important communication and social skills.  With each of our children we observed their languages skills, both English and Mandarin, make steady progress during their time at Zesty.

Zesty undoubtedly played an important part in the overall development of our children during those critical years.  In addition I would add that Emily, with her many years of experience, is able to give parents extraordinary valuable insights into the development of individual children.

Most importantly, each of our children clearly loved and loookded forward to their time at Zesty, as every morning they would enthusiastically set off, and confidently and excitedly enter the room with only the briefest good bye to accompanying partents! I think that it is a tribute to Zesty that our children subsequently fitted in quickly and happily into their new shcools. 

A big and heartfelf thank you to Emily and colleagues for the attention, care and love they shown to our children over these important years.

Nick and Grace Toovey

December 2016


Our relationship with Zesty Spot began in 2009, when we first sent our 15-month-old son Jack there.  The teachers at Zesty Spot, most of whom are still there today, made Jack feel very welcome and settled in very quickly.  In fact, the teacher/student ratio there has always been very low and we're sure this is great benefit to the students.  For instance, when Jack left Zest Spot just before he turned 4, he was able to read simple sentences and understand basic Mandarin, which gave him a huge advantage at his next school.

With the progress that Jack made at Zesty Spot, we were obviously keen to send our daugther there as well. She too loved her time at Zesty Spot and gleaned the basic reading and maths skills (in both English and Mandarin) that will put her in good stead for the future.  Amelia starts 'big' school tomorrow but has asked to go via Zesty Spot to show her friends and teachers her new uniform.

Our two children are very different little people but they both emerged from Zesty Spot as confident, adaptable children with a love of learning and exploration.  They, like us, will take fond memories of Zesty Spot with them as they continue their journeys in education and life.

Futhermore, from a practical partening point of view, I have always appreciated the flexibility in terms of school days and the ability to increase school hours as our children got older.  In addition, as we both work, the benefit of not having set school holidays has made our lives much easier.

In summary, we wish Zesty Spot every success for the future and we would have no hesitaion in continuing to recommend Zesty Spot to other parents.

Sarah & Damian Robinson, August 2014









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